Meeting Minutes

April 2017 Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Jerry L with 31 members present. We welcomed 2 guests – Sally and Cynthia

Motion to approve minutes from last month made by Linda G, seconded by Carol G. Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report: Motion to approve Linda G, seconded by Ruth S. Motion carried.

Library Report: Cody made a write up on spinning cotton to add to the library. PLY magazine is all about down breeds, Carol McFadden has an article in this issue


The spinning class with Jillian Moreno. Sat/ Sun November 4th , 5th. There is a price per workshop with 3 available workshops. The contract has been signed

If anyone would like to come demonstrate at the Portersville Steam Show. Your choice of subject- spinning weaving, felting, etc.. May 21& 21 in the Log Cabin , 10 am- 4pm

Friendship Day at the DLM May 21st- Colonial dress required, you may sell items free of charge

Weaving Classes at DLM- Both were a great success. Thanks to all members for help and loaning of equipment.

Waynesburg-Leigh will be dyeing the warp.

Harrisburg- Seems like Leigh is a busy lady, according to my notes she is dyeing the warp for this too!

Ice Cream Social Demo- Leigh weaving, Jean, Beth and Jerry, Linda, Melissa ,Carol spinning. Anne will be in the childrens corner Colonial dress will be required.


Herb Festival in Harmony June 10th- possible demo in the evening ?

Wool Pool June 10, 12, 13th Lawrence County Fairgrounds

June Program

Judy M – Pre-reduced indigo dyeing AT THE PARK


Jean C – hand spun yarns

Paige C – costume head

Ruth S – shawls

Sally C – shawl

Jennifer F – scarf, mittens,fingerless mitts

Marilyn M – weaving

Carol G – handspuns, crochet hat, knit wrap

Leigh K – color wrap

Joann C – needle felt Troll

Teresa T – shawl

Pat C – psyanky

Lou P – coverlet & rag rug book

Cynthi H – books- The Shepherd’s Life, & Shepherd’s View

Sandy S – tamari ball

Carole B – lace shawl

Karen P – M & O sample

Helene J – dyed scraps


March 2017 Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Jerry L with 24 members present. We welcomed 4 guests -Cindy, Elaine, Corlis and Pat C ( now a member). Motion to approve minutes from last month made by Linda G, seconded by Marcia D. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report
Library Report
New Spin Off – Articles about drum carding, spindles and gradient yarns

Weaving program with Barbara Walker- The classes are now $275. We have 12 people signed up. To break even we need a minimum of 15. The class is being held at the Unionville Grange, Benbrooke Road
The spinning class with Jillian Moreno. Sat/ Sun November 4th, 5th. No contract has been signed yet. There is a price per workshop with 3 available workshops.
Weaving Class at the DLM – All classes are filled

Group motion passed for heddles being purchased for guild loom.
Maryland STS- Pattern is worked out, team in place, have a sheep and shearer.
Waynesburg- Team in place, a fleece is being donated which is a Shetland /Merino cross.
We used to have bookmarks to set at tables for demos- anyone have one from the past?
Making a trip to the Coverlet Museum in June.
DLM Ice Cream Social Sunday, July 16th
The warp needs purchased for Waynesburg- motion was made by Jean C, 2nd by Ann M, motion carried

April Program
Leigh K- wet finishing for weavers DVD

Jean C – baby blanket,spun dyed and wove, hand spun yarns

Paige C – costume tail

Linda G – book chakra, cotton

Dawson/Marcia -rugs & pictures
Jennifer F – scarf, hats

Helene J – sprang scarf
Cody E – cotton spinning

Kelly E – hooked rug
Carol G – hand made soap

Melissa W – kitchen towels
Joann C – needle felt squirrel

Pat C – Poncho, table cloth , card weaving


February 2017 Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Jerry L with 22 members present. Welcome guest Jennifer F. Motion to approve minutes from last month made by Linda G, seconded by Anne M. Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report: Motion to approve made by Dawson D, seconded by Linda G. Motion carried. Library Report: No new magazines to report


Harrisburg Sheep-to-Shawl. The team places 6th in the overall competition. They had trouble with that darn sticky warp . We made a choice as a team to remove it from the loom to at least have it judged even with it being short and it was able to be sold.

Weaving program with Barbara Walker- As of the 15th the class was opened to the public, other guilds and was listed on our website.

The spinning class will no longer be with Abby Franqemont, we are looking into having Jillian Moreno .

Weaving Class at the DLM – There are 3 spaces left in the Basic class,1 left in the Weave Structures. Please bring any equipment you are loaning to the DLM to March meeting or make arrangements with Karen Parsons to get it to the museum by March 17th in the am.


Anyone that has useful tips and helpful hints for sheep to shawls, demos, etc. please post to our FB page or email Carol McF. She will add them to the “files” section on our group page

As to meeting cancellation – on our FB page, the main post there will be a notice if the meeting is cancelled and a link to the Butler school district school closing/delays. We follow the school- if they close, we are CANCELLED. Our guild website will have the link to the school closing /delay.

These are the following upcoming events that the guild participates in, we do not have exact dates yet. They are a great way to get your feet wet if you want to eventually participate in a Fleece/ Sheep to Shawl. The demo events are fun, no pressure and ease oneself into being in the public eye .

Butler Fair – week of July 4th, Butler Farm Show- 2nd week of August, Indiana Fair – end of August, Zelienople – October

Portersville- This is new for us! May 20, 21 August 3-6 October 7-8

February Program: Spinning Cotton with Cody Edgar


Ann M – cowl

Cody E – handspun cotton yarn

Linda O – Uncle Sam yarn bombing

Carol McF – hand knit shawl

Leigh K – hand dyed shawl

Wini L – yak yarn, temari ball

Ann S – shawl

Karen P – placemat

Joann C – owl , pumpkin


January 2017 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 10:00 am by president Jerry L with 28 members present. Corrections to minutes for December: Lunch wagon for workshops is not Butler Farm Show- it is Fairground Market. Motion made to approve corrections by Linda G, seconded by Linda O

Treasurer Report: Motion made to accept treasurer’s report made by Carol McF and seconded by Linda G. Motion carried.

Library Report- PLY magazine this issue is on plying. It is time to renew. A motion was made to renew by Susan L


Upcoming workshop Color and Weave Duets with Barbara Walker April 28th, 29th, 30th 3-day round robin . $200 per person if paid by Feb 15th. After it will be $275. It will be open to other guilds after the 15th. Will be held at the Unionville Grange on N. Benbrooke Road. See/contact Wini for forms for the workshop.

Possible to use the grange for the spinning workshop?

Facebook users- under the files on our group page we will have info for future Sheep to Shawls/ demos, etc. These files will contain helpful info on things we have learned over the years that may and may not pertain to the actual spinning weaving- but still very useful information!! ( where we stayed- was it nice, where we ate, etc. )


Saturday March 18th Basic weaving 9 am- 4pm

Saturday March 25th Exploring Weave Structure 9 am – 4pm

Dawson and Marcia will be providing lunch.(thank you!) Teachers and assistants are all in place.

Monies from Trash to Treasure

A motion was made by Wini L for all monies to put into our equipment fund. Seconded by Linda G. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn – Marilyn M, seconded Linda G


We are need of the following for Sheep / Fleece to shawls

Maryland- weaver and spinners May 7th

Waynesburg- Weaver and carder ( Karen P. is possible if nobody else)



Jean C- Crocheted acorns and ferns for STS display

Carol McF- Mohair stole

Linda G- knitted animals for STS display

Susan L- table runner

Ruth S-pattern- mitten- “what’s it”

Karen P- felted hat

Carol B – knit scarf

Paige C- plush skunk for STS display

Ann M- mittens, socks, 2 hats

Mary V – Owl baskets for STS,bun hat, celtic knot scarf

Wini L- STS display, hand woven jacket

Ann S – knitted sweater and vest

Marilyn M- new books

December 2016 Minutes

Meeting called to order by Vice President Helene J at 10:10 am with 25 members present. Corrections to November minutes- no corrections recorded. Motion made by Linda G, a 2nd by Dawson D. Library Report: New copies Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot and Spin Off are in the library.


Sheep to Shawl – Everything is pulling together nicely. A sheep is being picked out for the competition. The colors for shawl are nailed down . The loom is warped and ready for the practice shawl. Many members have been busy making items for the display.

Lunch venue for upcoming classes next year. Melissa W-W is getting info on a food truck. It was mentioned of The Big Butler Farm Show doing catering.


January 7th Spin In at Lutheran Church in Worthington, Pa 10 am- til? Bring a dish to share.

March Weaving Classes at the DLM Intro Class- Sat March 18 , 9 am – 4pm. (redacted) for guild members. Exploring Weave Structures Sat, March 25th 9 am- 4pm (redacted) for guild members

A longer and shuttle and bobbins was purchased for competition use since the previous one could not be located.

A motion made by Jean C and a 2nd by Beth H to approve the purchase.

Upcoming Weaving workshop- estimate of (redacted) person at having 18 in class. Registration in January. The room needs paid for.

Motion to adjourn- made by Linda G, seconded Marcia D

The Trash to treasure was a blast!!

January Program- Jean Chestnut- Twining a Rug. This will be hands on, everyone will have the chance to give it a try. It’s so easy!!


Candace McC – sweater; Linda O –Temari Balls and knitted baby blanket; Leigh K – knit mushrooms; Karen B – shawl; Sandy S – knitted woodland deer; Judy M – hand spun silk, needle felted mushroom; Karen P – AMAZING coat; Susan L – yarn

November 2016 Minutes

Meeting called to order by Vice President Helene Jacobs with 30 members present. Welcome new member Melissa W-W. Motion to approve minutes from last month made by Karen P, seconded by Anne M. Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report: Motion to approve made by Linda G, seconded by Babeth R. Motion carried. Library Report: Will discuss renewal of PLY magazine at December meeting. PLEASE return all magazines and books you have out as an inventory will be done in January. As a friendly reminder, when you take books out please remove the card at the back of the book and sign your name and appropriate information and put in card box. Please try to keep books for only 3 months at a time. Thank you!


Harrisburg Sheep-to-Shawl. We have a sheep! The sheep is a Texel , being provided from Harold D. Normally a meat breed although the fleeces are outstanding and will complement the warp very well. We also have a shearer. The team is getting together to practice. Wini has made a sample shawl with her color ideas. Go team!

Spinning program- Carol is in contact with Abby F and is getting a list of classes she offers if we are interested as she has some opening next year.

Weaving program with Barbara W- the date is now confirmed for APRIL 28TH- 30TH 2017 .This is a Color and Weave Duet class. A discussion as to the guild paying for the venue and the lunch for the classes mentioned above- a motion was made by Wini L for the guild to pay for such, seconded by Carol McF. Motion carried.

A donation was made to the guild from the folks of the Zelienople festival .They had approx 15,000 visitors to the festival this year!

Reminder: Trash to treasure next month! Bring your stuff you need to unload! Tickets for goodies you really need to have will be 50 cents.

Anyone interested in doing volunteer demo at Portersville Steamshow please see Mary V. There are 3 shows- May, August and October. All are in the log cabin.

Meeting Adjourned- motion made my Marilyn M, Seconded by Karen P

January Program: Jean Chestnut – Twining a Rug                                                                                                                                                                                                This will be hands on, everyone will have the chance to see how easy it is to twine.


Ann S – woven scarf, 2 knitted shawls; Carol G – natural dyed wool; Leigh K – Master Weaving I; Mary V – crochet owl basket, wedding ring quilt; Marilyn M – yarns spun, dyed, Master Weaver I; Helene J – beet dyed wool; Linda O -crochet scarf, bed socks; Cody E -Turkish knitting book; Babeth R – sketch book, spindle spinning; JoAnn C – woven towels; Ruthann F – Landscape weaving for Harrisburg; Carol B -woven jacket, knit shawl; Judy M – mushroom dyes; Wini L – beaded wall hanging, natural dye


October 2016 Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Jerry L at 10:05 am with27 member present. Corrections for minutes to September-Wini is in contact with Barbara W, not F. Our new gentleman member’s name is Don. Motion made to approve & seconded. Motion carried and approved. Treasurer’s Report: Motion made to approve & seconded. Motion carried and approved. Library Report: Sandy stepped in for Carole and reported on the issue of Ply magaine.


Harrisburg Sheep to Shawl- We now have a sheep , need a shearer, a back up spinner and a carder. Wini has been planning the shawl- is making headway in that area. Marcia is coming along with the scarves. Carol M contacted F- she is NOT availabe for a spinning program. She has a list of names for suggestions. For the weaving program with Barbara W we are looking at a date for the end of July, Wini has been in contact with her


Helene has asked for any ideas/help for future programs . Contact her directly. Meeting adjourned


Jean C – Scarf and donated yarn; Carol G – DLM dyed yarn; Don A – woven scarves; Joann C – puppets and blanks; Susan L – pokeberry dyed wool; Nikki B- Bobbins; Paige C – crocodile costume; Ann M – socks, ball of ?; Beth H – DLM Hydref natural dyed yarn; Wini L – double weave throw; Helene J – electric spinner; Karen B – needle felted pumpkin; Linda O – mandala, crinoline doily

Officers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    President- Jerry L                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Vice president- Helene J                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Secretary- Jean C                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Treasurer- Sandy S


September 2016 Minutes

Meeting was called to order by President Susan L at 10;15 with 27 members present. August Minutes were approved Jerry/ Linda G. Treasure report – approved Jean C. and Sandy S. Library – Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot: articles on identifying mystery yarns, Spin-off; Special on spindles , article on Blueface Leisters and Gotland sheep, both articles were very informative.

It was suggested that there be a hands-on class at the Butler Farm show to encourage spinning and
weaving, Carol G and Linda G. will touch base with them, approval was tabled until next month.
Carol Mc contacted Faulkner with no response. Wini will try to touch base with Faulkner to see when she is available. Maybe July of the end of April
Wini is collecting woodsy items for our display at Harrisburg, Marcia has a needle felted scarf with
an owl, Kelly offered to help with the display. Still working on getting a sheep.

Discussed if we wanted to continue our membership with MAFA, most had a negative answer.
There will a Spin-in a Linda G’s church in Worthington, on Sat. Oct. 15 at 10:00, covered dish.
Contact Marcia and Dibbern to participate at Zelineople Colonial days, Oct. 8/9 Sat. 9-7 Sun. 10-5.
Dress required.
A sign-up sheet was passed to hold the work day at Sunnyview, to entertain the patients.
DLM fall craft event is Oct. 1, see Karen P for info.
It was decided to drop MAFA, and do more local demos. motion by. Marilyn M. and Linda G. Karen
will cancel when we get a renewal notice.

Motion to accept officer slate:
Jerry L. President
Helene J Vice-president
Sandy S-Treasurer
Beth H-Newsletter
Jean C-Secretary

August 2016 Minutes

Meeting called to order by president Susan L, with 22 members present. Corrections to July minutes Jean C not Connie H will take care of demonstrating for Sunnyview nursing home Motion approved by Linda/Linda. Treasury report motion to accept by Linda G/Dawson D. Library: Ply magazine renewal in question, will check out thought it had been renewed

Work day will continue at park
Demo at DPL museum went well lot of interest. Carol G. did a Kids Corner which was greatly
Jennings Nature: had a very light turn out, signage was not very good.
Carol Mc. read a thank you card. Most agreed that the lay-out was poor and there was no Wi-Fi so
no credit cards could not be used.
Butler Fair; No problems getting equipment in this year.
Was suggested that we do a similar award (Farm Show) at the fair. Maybe any item that is handspun. Also, the possibility of having our meeting at the fair, with a spin-in afterward. Motion was made to give an award for any item that is handspun by Carol G./Linda G.
Suggested that handwoven be added to the award. Marilyn M. and JoAnn C. will talk with the fair people.
Wini reported that Jacey Faulkner will do the spinning seminar, and Barb Walker the weaving seminar
for our anniversary. Planning on March or May. Cost subject to change. Need more info. Suggested that maybe the guild could help with fees for guild members, also reduced prices for guild members.
Motion was made to give back a percentage to people after expenses, Motion by Marilyn M. /?
Wini reported that the theme Walk in Pennsylvania Woods is the theme for 2017 sheep to shawl
competition. Guild members are ask to participate by bringing in articles for forming the display, must be in by December meeting. Any woodsy item felted, woven, etc. would be a table display.

Karen P ask about the weaving classes at DLM in March 18/25 Motion made by Dawson/Linda
Helen Jacobs offer to embroider shirts for our anniversary. Will bring ideas to September meeting.
Paige will work on a design. Members will buy their shirt Helene will embroidery with Paiges
An Art Studio in New Kensington has a space for $10 for displaying our creations. Nikke will check
this out.
Motion to adjourn by Marilyn M/Linda G.

JoAnn Clark – felted pumpkin
Paige – Phish monsters
Jean – Shawl woven at Butler Fair, luxury fiber yarn in natural colors
Nikki – Shawl, handspun yarns, cowl
Ann – woven sampler
Leigh – Shawl from the DLM demo
Linda G – lightly felted socks
Marilyn – Weaving sampler done with different tie-ups and treadlings
Linda O – Crochet Doilies in red/white/black
Carol McF – handspun yarn
Ann M – Scarf from Jennings demo wild colors
Karen P – Woven overshot sample for coverlet.
Susan L – woven bags, scarfs
Cody – Textile Museum photos
Carol G – rag rug done with old flannel sheets

Respectfully submitted;
Ruth Schnell, Secretary

Upcoming Programs
This an email I received from Sister Donna about free basketmaking classes she is offering in September, October, and November:
Those eligible to participate would be any person who would not ordinarily have the means to pay
for 4 classes…someone unemployed or underemployed.
Classes are 4 consecutive Mondays or Thursdays from 10 until 1. in Sept. Oct and Nov. The only
exceptions are the first set of Mondays in Sept since Labor Day is the first Monday… ( the following
3 Mondays will be 4 hour classes.) This will happen again in Nov. for the Thursdays before Thanksgiving.
I have 4 lovely baskets planned that the participant should be able to complete in each session.
Also Sr. Dolores is part of the Grant program and she is offering Oil Painting, Water Color and Paper
Making on the same days, same times. Any participant taking basket weaving may also opt into one
of her class offerings too, in different months, of course.
Anyone interested should call Sister to register free of charge!!!
Sister Donna Wojtyna, O.S.B.
Basket Creations
7 Chalfonte Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15229

July 2016 Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 10:10 AM by president Susan L. Twenty-seven members were
present. Minutes were read and accepted.(Wini L, Ann M). Treasurer’s report was read and accepted (Linda G, Marilyn M). Library report- new issue of Ply. The book “Hold Your Horses” (about the Pa Farm Show) was donated to the library.

Meeting locations – the second Wed. (project day) will be held in the park. The next guild meeting (Aug. 3) will be at the Penn State extension office
Jennings demo (July 16) is all in place.
Depreciation Lands demo (July 17) and ice cream social is ready. Leigh K will do a fleece to shawl with her team
Butler Fair fleece to shawl is ready. Team is Jean C with Gerry L, Ann M, Mary Lou P and Joann C
Nursing Home project (headed by Connie H) will be discussed next month.
Final votes have been tallied for future workshops. Winners: spinning – Jacey Faulkner; weaving – Barb Walker. Wini offered to organize workshops.
Indiana Flece to Shawl (Aug.31) – team weaver Jean C with Linda G, Carol Mc, and Jerry L.

Harrisburg Farm Show for 2017 – weaver Wini L with Jerry L, Jean C, Linda G, and Diane.
Jean Chestnut suggested that we take pictures (hard copies) for our guild scrapbook. The book has not been updated in a long time. Jean offered to convert email pictures to paper ones. Motion was made and accepted (Jean C, Jerry L) to reimburse her for this.
Mercer Field Days (for 2017) – Jean C suggested that the guild should have a booth at this event (Lawrence Co.) and do a fleece to shawl. Motion was made (Jerry L, Jean) and approved. Jean C will coordinate this event.
Zelienople Fall Festival (Oct. 8-9) – not enough information about this. Will discuss at next meeting.
Carol Mc has offered to sell the guild some Ashland Bay coned yarns for weaving demos and sheep to shawls. The two yarns are Polwarth and Blue-faced Leicester. They are dk weight and come in 6.6 lb cones. Price is $206. Wini L offered to evaluate them and report back to the guild.
Wini L commented that she has received feedback from students who took the weaving class in March and they were very impressed with the amount of information taught as well as the smooth running of the whole day. Kudos to Karen P and her team!
Motion was made (Jerry L, Linda G) and accepted to adjourn. Meeting ended at 11:03.

Paige C – sewn and stuffed elephant and giraffe heads
Jean C – poncho, shawls, handspun yarn
Jerry L – daelgan and distaff


June 2016 Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Susan L at 10:10 with 26 members present and 3 guests. May minutes had corrections by Jean C with only one shawl being donated to cancer, and Diane
C’s name should be Diane H C. Minutes were approved by Dawson D and Ann M. Treasury:
Library: Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot has info on Convergence, How to prepare and spin alpaca. Excellent article on Charkas.

Sign up sheet for the 2017 Farm Show Sheep to Shawl competition was passed.
Our team place 5th at Maryland – fleece was wet,and there was problems with the warp. Also, the
competitions was poorly organized.
Waynsburg the team placed 1st, the demo and the competitions each sold for $350. The weaver (Karen
P) praised the spinners.
Next years workshops were tabled until the info from the web site is totaled. Need a map for Memorial Park, maybe Google.
Dawson bought 5 fleeces at the wool pool 2 colored 3 white for $20 Poly Pay/Texel crosses these are to be used for demos and practice.
Sunnyview Nursing home has 4-H days possibly as a venue . Elllen F suggested we contact Connie
The sheep to shawl vests that Blanche H wove and Carol B sewed were in need of a home—Jean
C has offered.
Nature Demo at Jennings nature reserve, suggested that maybe scarves we made. Contact Carol McF,
Sandy S has offed to weave.

Jean C has requested that any photos of demoes or competitions by printed off with the who, what
and where, and she well put in our scrapbook.
Since we received 2 copies of the 100 Year Anniversary of the Pennsylvania Farm Show, JoAnn C
suggsted that we donate a copy to the Butler Library. Ruth S offered to handle this.
Zelienople has requested that we do a demonstration like we have done in the past. October 8 and 9.
Marcia and Dawson have the information
Jean C at the Butler Fair and Farm show the shawls will be of alpaca.
Jerry L purchased a beautful fleece at Maryland as a practice fleece for the Sheep to shawl teams
Jean C suggested as part of our anniversary celebration we participate in the Mercer Field Days next
June at the Lawrence County Fair Grounds. Shawls could be auctioned.
Upcoming Programs
July 6 – Discussion of Sheep Breeds and Their Fleeces. Gerry And Helene will bring in
some of their fleeces, talk about their characteristics, and suggest tips for spinning them.
Anyone whose has an interesting/different fleece is welcome to bring it as well.
Aug 3 – Winning Sheep-to -Shawl Competitions with Harriet Knox. Harriet will give pointers
on how to tweak a spinning wheel for greater performance. If you want to participate in this,
bring your wheel.
Linda G reported the Knitters Day is September 16 and 17 at Summerdale PA.
Steel City artists Co-op in Shadyside has open house June 4.
There were 3 guests; Ellen F, Cody and Kelly E. Welcome.

Meeting Adjourned; Jerry L and Carole G
Respectfully submitted
Ruth S

Ruth S–felted mittens, and spiral hats
Karen B–ring she made in metal class
Babeth R–assorted drop spindles
Carol B–handspu and dyed BFL
JoAnn C–info on Ohio Mill
Carol G–skein winder
Jean C–wheel
Mary V–beautiful crochet afghan
Jerry L–fleeces
Leigh K–Natural dyed shawl
Marilyn M–Asst. of Kool-aid dyed skeins
Page C–?????????
Karen P–woven towels
Susan L–end of warp shawl
Kelly E–wall hanging of chicken hooked with fabric

Welcome new members Kelly and Cody E, Jessica P & Cynthia H! Please everyone introduce yourselves and make them welcome!

Voting Reminder: The teachers for the suggested guild workshops have been narrowed down to four – two in spinning and two in weaving. Vote for your favorite in each category at the guild website – Results will be tallied for the upcoming guild meeting.


May 2016 Minutes

Meeting was called to order by president Susan L, with 27 members present. Aprils minutes were approved by Jerry L/ Linda G. Treasurers Report: Approved by Carol McF/Linda G. Library Report: Wild Fibers has gone to a one year publication, informative article on cashmere in China. PLEASE CHECK OUT AND RETURN CORRECTLY, ALSO LOOK FOR LIBRARY ITEMS THAT NEED RETURNED.


  • Warp yarns for competitions and demos has been causing problems, steaming helps.
  • Theme for Waynsburg is “Handling the past, preserving the future”, competition is Sat. May 21.
  • Maryland competition will be using a Gotland sheep. Warp is dyed using natural dyes, practice shawl was very soft.
  • Jean C would like to sell a shawl woven at Butler Farm Show and/or Butler Fair with the money going for cancer research. This was approved by members
  • 2017 Harrisburg sheep to shawl sign up sheet was passed. Wini offered to weave, need spinners and a carder.
  • Workshops for next year (poll results): 4 Debra Robson, 4 Jacey Boggs Faulkner, 3 Barbara J Walker were top vote getters.
  • Program for June will be a Butler Memorial Park, (shelter needs to be rented) Dying, Potluck lunch.
  • Slate of officers for next year has been approved
  • After a considerable amount of discussion about reimbursing Depreciation Lands Museum for their expenses for workshops, discussion was tabled until we get more information.
  • Contact JoAnn C to sign up for a tour of the fiber mill at Smithville May 28.


  • Sandy S has suggested a Birthday Party in celebration of our 35 years next year, to be catered, Ruth S and Carol G offered to help.
  • RuthAnn F, Ann M, Nikki B, and Diane H C will search for a place to hold a show. Butler Farm Tour has been suggested as a venue to hold a celebration. Carol G will check it out.
  • June meeting will have more discussion on our anniversary.
  • Sunnyview has requested we do our workday in their lobby as something for the patients to observe. Karen P will check with the Activity Director, Jean C will work with the director.
  • Payment of the shearers for our sheep to shawl competitions needs updated–$50 or 1/5 of the Winnings.
  • UPCOMING PROGRAMS: June 1- Exotic Dyeing with Leigh at the Park. Remember to bring a covered dish. If you still need Leigh’s mordanting instructions, go to the website and next meeting info; July – Winning Sheep-to -Shawl Competitions with Harriet Knox
  • Thank you to all the members who responded to the poll asking for our preferred choice of workshops. The results have been tabulated and a new ballot has been released keeping the “winners” and eliminating the “losers”. Please go to the guild website and vote again for your favorite workshop. Results will be discussed at our next guild meeting on June 1.

Meeting adjourned; Motion by Marilyn M/ Wini L

Respectfully submitted;

Ruth S



Ruth S–Huge felted mittens

Carol McF–3 variegated lacy, beaded shawls

Jean C–Woven shawl and various nuni felted items

Jerry L–New spinning wheel #17

Beth H–Woven table runner

Nikki B–Handspun yarn, scarf

Candace McC–hand spun yarn

Marilyn M–wove end of warps from weaving classes

Leigh K–shawl out of Samoyed yarn

Ann S–mug rugs

Jean C–beach bag with plastic canvas

Alvina P–woven shawl

Ruthann F–two tree weavings

JoAnn C–felted purse

Karen P–apron sweater


April 2016 Minutes

Meeting called to order by president Susan L at 10:10,  with 34 members present. March minutes correction JoAnn C said the fiber mill is in Smithville, Ohio. Minutes were aproved by Jerry L, second by Linda G and Marylyn M. Treasures report: Michelle L donated $110–will be added to our equipment fund. Treasury report approved by Linda O, second by Jean C. Library Report: Spin-off subscription is due–$39 for 2 years, Marilyn M, Sandy S approved motion for renewal. PLY issue has a comprehensive articles on cotton from start to finish.



  • Lists for the teams for the sheep to shawl demos, and competitions were handed out.
  • Karen P has bought warp yarn to be used for the demos and competitions.  Dawson to purchase some fleeces at wool pool for practice spinning raw fleece and demos.
  • It was suggested that we make our annual donation to the Waynesburg sheep days, Linda G and Jerry L made and seconded the motion
  • Weaving classes at the DLM were a success, that a second beginning class was scheduled for April 23.  Good reviews from the students.
  • It was suggested that a class involving assorted looms be scheduled as a round robin in the fall.  Karen P will check on available dates. This would be a “kick-off” of our anniversary.  A sign-up sheet was passed for assorted looms.
  • Fiber mill tour at Smithville weaving mill open for a tour for $3–Mishler Weaving mill in Ohio.  Contact JoAnn C for more info.
  • Linda G has info on the Ohio Sheep show.



  • Wini L has been trying to touch base with Tom Kneisley for a program, anyone with info please contact her. Deb Robson, Barbara j. Walker, and Daryl Lancaster has also been suggested.  Any other suggestions??
  • Links for some of the proposed demonstrators are on the Guilds web site.
  • Nominating committee has listed these persons for: Treasurer–Sandy S, Secretary–Jean C, President–Jerry L (possible), News Letter–Beth H
  • Card sent for the passing of Sandra G (past member)
  • Alvinia P has been hospitalized, husband is now in a nursing home.
  • Helene J (program chairman) needs volunteers for Sept, Oct and Nov programs.
  • Jean C requested any handmade items for auctioning for Pediatric Cancer Research–need by June 12. Bring to May meeting.

Meeting adjourned; Motion by Marilyn M, Jerry L

Show and Tell:

Carol B–Multi-colored wool/silk handknit sweater

Jean C–Shawl, a wrap , baby blanket, handspun cotton crochet scarf, handspun yarn, handspun woven scarf

Helene J–Round woven hat

Carol G–Invitation to Blue Mountain Fiber mill

Mary V–Unique crochet vest.

JoAnn C–Needle felted character pumpkins

Karen P–Sprang covered Jug

Nikki B–shawl

Candance McC–Wrap, short socks, and socks

Blanche H–Baby Blankets and afghan, from ridged heddle loom

Sandy S–tablet woven band

Ann M–Scarf

Ann S–Mountain color spinning

Leigh K–Hand dyed warps and handspun Cotton (?)

Teresa T–Hand spun woven scarf

Linda O–Crochet butterflies

Wini L–Bast bamboo top, pearl rose fiber top

Lilian A–Wool Jacket, skein of wool yarn

Respectfully Submitted

Ruth S


March 2016 Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 10:17 AM by President Susan L. Corrections to previous minutes as follows: Marilyn M mentioned that last month’s corrections were made but were not listed as to what the corrections were. Karen B’s name was misspelled. Minutes approval moved and seconded by Gerry and Linda G. Minutes accepted. Treasurer’s report: No income reported for month but many expenses. MotioN to accept report moved and seconded (Linda O and Ann M). Approved. Library – New Spin-Off and ShuttleSpindle and Dye Pot.


  • Harrisburg – Susan brought in pictures from Farm Show and passed them around.
  • Upcoming Sheep-to-Shawl – sign up sheets for Maryland, Waynesburg, Clarion Fair, Butler Fair and Depreciation Lands Museum were passed around. Carol G is organizing a 4H fleece to shawl.
  • Linda G mentioned that the 3rd Wed. of month is dedicated to spinning raw fleece but is wondering if anybody will come. Discussion followed about whether to combine it with Project Day (2nd Wed.) Susan will send out e-mail to that effect. Ann M said Soergel’s is offering a spot there to spin fleece when it gets warmer.
  • Helene suggested some evening sessions for people who work. Suggestions were tossed around. Perhaps in summer with longer days evening meetings could be a possibility. Nothing was decided.
  • Beginner Weaver Classes – Karen P reported that everything is ready and organized for Mar. 12 class. Teachers will meet Mar. 11 at DLM to set up for class. Karen suggested possibility of class using small looms i.e. tape looms inkle, tablet. Decision postponed until April.


  • Visit To Museum: JoAnn C talked about a small museum in Smithsville on way to Wooster – Mishler Weaving Mill . This was a weaving mill that ran in early 1800’s and is now a museum.They offer tours to public at $3.00/person. We need 5-10 people for tour. Show of hands indicated we had enough. Guild decided to meet there on Memorial Day weekend, same time as Great Lakes Fiber Festival. Sign up sheet passed around.
  • Anniversary of Butler Guild (35 Yrs)

– How do we want to celebrate? Suggestions for bringing in instructor for workshops:

-Darryl Lancaster: inkle loom seminar, Photographing your work, Sewing with handwoven fabric

-Debra Robson, author and teacher specializing in wool types, breeds of sheep

-Tom Knisely, rug weaving workshop, round robin

-Esther Rogers, Saori weaving

  • New Slate of Officers for Fall – we need volunteers for nominating committee
  • Big Butler Fair – dates July 1-9. guild can choose any day to do demo. Narrowed days to July 4, 5, or 6.
  • Donations needed – Pediatric Cancer Research is asking for handmade items for auction on June 12. (Jean C requested this). Items can be brought to next meeting and May’s as well.
  • Also friend of Jean’s is looking for a Singer Sewing Machine Model 1591 Featherweight. Contact Jean.
  • Wool Pool – June 11,13, 14 at Lawrence Co. Fairgrounds
  • Fleece-to-Bag Demo – Helene suggested this as possibility for Renaissance Fairs.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth S





February 2016 Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Susan Lightner with 24 members present. Motion to accept corrections on January minutes made by Carol G, seconded by Sandy S. TREASURY REPORT: Motion to accept made by Dawson D, seconded by Linda G. LIBRARY REPORT: no new magazines this month


  • The sheep to shawl team placed 2nd at Harrisburg, and the shawl sold for $600. There was some controversy about the way the auction was handled for the bidding of the shawl. Susan received and e-mail from an individual who wanted to have a shawl made like the one done at the competition, team decided that once was enough. The sheep sheared did a great job. The yarn that was used to hemstitch was “heat set” with hand warmers to make the yarn easier to hemstitch. Everyone agreed the team did a wonderful job. Thanks Team
  • A sign-up sheet was passed for helpers at and before the sheep to shawl competitions and demos.
  • Carol G. was going to check with 4-H to see if a kids sheep to shawl team could be organized.
  • A sign-up sheet for Maryland, Waynesburg, and D.L.M. (July 17) Butler Fair, Butler Farm Show, Indiana fair for spinners and/or weavers to make teams to represent us. Contact Susan L.
  • Third Wed has been set aside to practice spinning raw fleece, contact Linda G for more info.
  • D.L.M beginning weaving class: March 11 set up day, class March 12. Motion to buy Cream and Sugar yarn for warp was made by Wini L, seconded by Jean C. A equipment request for use was made with several members offering their looms, warping boards, etc. Marcia D and Ann M are doing another fabulous lunch.
  • A discussion about adding a third workshop doing small looms, inkle, box looms and rigid heddles,  date to be decided at March meeting. Motion made by Leigh K, seconded by Karen B.


  • Guild has been invted to tour Blue Mountain Fiber Mill, which is near Harrisburg, PA. There is a fiber mill near Wooster Ohio, JoAnn C with check into this.
  • March Meeting: Carol McF will do a program on Distaffs, contact her for a materials list.
  • Next year is our 40 th anniversary–suggestions for a seminar, names of demonstrators or any ideas to make next year special.
  • Yarn Bombing at Cranberry Park; contact Karen B for info

Meeting ajourned: Motion by Dawson D/Ann M

Respectfully submitted

Ruth S



  • President – Susan L
  • Vice President – Helene J
  • Secretary – Ruth S
  • Treasurer – Karen P



Meeting called to order by president Susan L at 10:20 with 25 members present. Corrections for Decembers minutes: Web address is Butler; Demonstration for 4-H was the third Thurs.

Motion to accept; Jerry L and Linda G. TREASURERS REPORT. LIBRARY REPORT Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot: Info on the 2016 Convergence, Winners of the Handweavers Guild Woven collection awards. Will add PLY magazine to our magazine collection. Wild Fibers is going to a once a year publication. Motion by Sandy S/ Mary Lou P


  • Proceeds from the Trash To Treasure sale in December will go to Butler Co. 4-H Clubs
  • DUES ARE DUE Dues run from Oct 1 to Sept. 30
  • Sheep to Shawl Sample done using a gray fleece from a Blue Faced Border Leister.
  • Ann M requested more support for the team and less negativity. Input from guild members they would like to help in the preparations for the sheep to shawl competitions.
  • St. Distaff Day Jan 9 Celebration at Linda G Church. Covered Dish ; Cake supplied
  • DLM weaving class; Karen has applications- will open to public soon.
  • It was suggested to use Cream/Sugar or Peaches and Cream yarn . Ruth S offered to purchase. Tabled for further discussion.


  • Helene J will do a spinning demo at Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet, using her kick wheels. March 5/6
  • Helene announced that Carol J will do a Sprang Workshop at the Ohio guild. Contact Helene for more info.
  • Sandy S will do the demo for Feb.

Motion for adjournment by Dawson D/Linda G


  • Carol B-Lovely hand knit Merino vest
  • Paige C-Plush
  • Jean C-Collection of handspun yarns cashmere and alpaca with lurex.
  • Beth H-Felted comb covers made by Jean C.
  • Carol McF-Issue of PLY magazine.
  • Wini L-Yak roving and handspun yarn
  • Nikk B-Hand woven scarf
  • Ruth Ann F-Mini Landscape weaving.
  • Karen P-Mittens, Scarf. wrist waarmers.
  • Susan L-Sample shawl for Harrisburg Sheep to Shawl

Guild Programs

Feb. 3: Sandra S will demonstrate weaving on a takadai. This technique is a combination of kumihimo and finger-weaving which produces long, narrow bands (not braids).

Respectfully submitted;

Ruth S

DECEMBER 2015 Minutes

Meeting was called to order by the President Susan L, with 29 members present. November meeting minutes were approved by Carol G and Carol B. Treasurers report was submitted and approved by Dawson D and Jean C. Library Report–Spin Off articles include Plying for Balance, a Lace Shawl, and a Report of the Different spinning wheels


  • Dues are due and cover the period October through December of each year.
  • New web site and blog is up and running —Payment will be due in June. Thanks to Wini. Jean C will man the new site with Carol M and Candace M as back up.  Website is: or simply  Meeting info and photos to be posted.
  • Sheep to Shawl team for Harrisburg Farm Show to make demo shawl on Dec. 18
  • Karen P thanked Dawson, Marcia and Ann for the kitchen help for last months flax scutching program.


  • Jan 9 Spin in at Linda’s church in Worthington, in honor of St. Distaff Day. Bring wheel and a covered dish to share, cake provided.
  • A donation of $225 was made to the Extension office in appreciation of the use ot the room.
  • Beginning Weaving Classes at the Depreciation lands museum are March 12 and 19. Tuition is to remain the same $25-$40. Motion was made to accept by Wini L, seconded by Linda G.
  • 4-H club Buttons and Bake house, which meet at Winsminister Church, would like demonstrators for Jan. 3 meeting–Judy M and Marilyn M volunteered.
  • Sunnyview Home requested that project day be held there for entertainment of the patients.
  • Bad Weather—Meeting is canceled if schools are delayed or closed.
  • Linda G mentioned that Becky Z’s mother in law had passed. Becky was an active member in past years.
  • Jane W had alpaca and llama fleece for sale and some free.  Contact 814-xxx-xxxx
  • Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Show registration is now open,  will be held in the Pittsburgh Convention Center along with a Creative Arts Festival.
  • Convergence 2016 will be in Milwaukee, July 30 to Aug 6.  Registration is on line.
  • Helene J announced that January’s meeting will be Sprang.  Motion to adjourn Marilyn M/ Linda G

Respectfully submitted–Ruth S


  • Wini L-raw bamboo/ rayon
  • Jean C-yarn, corespun yarn, shawl and shawlette
  • JoAnn C-photos of her mouse houses
  • Carol B-2 wool hats and scarf
  • Judy M-Handspun cotton huipil from Oaxaca
  • Susan L-wool infinity shawl
  • Linda G-hat
  • Tiffany McN-spinning project
  • Leigh K-Handspun shawl
  • Nicole B-Handspun yarn
  • Paige C-Head (?)
  • Mary V-Aran blanket and a alpaca shawl from Equador
  • Candance McC-handspun yarn
  • Carol McF-scarves from PLY magazine article
  • Karen P-rewoven rag rug and cashmere scarf

Christmas Party followed with our Trash-to-Treasure sale, pizza was great and we all found wonderful treasures.

Weaving Lessons:

Due to its popularity, the guild is once again offering beginning and intermediate weaving classes. Details and registration form were included in a guild email as an attachment .


November 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 10:25 at the Depreciation Lands Museum by Vice President Ann M. 27 members present with 6 visitors. Program was flax scutching. Minutes were approved by Linda G/Jerry L. TREASURY: Dues are due. Note from Blanche H not renewing her membership because of other interests. Marilyn M suggested that Blanche be given a lifetime membership, approved by Marilyn M/Jean C.


  • Dues are due, can send them to Karen P.
  • Please check membership sheet for any additions or corrections.
  • Zelienople was enjoyable, demonstrators were given food vouchers, Marcia and Dawson noted that everyone was impressed.
  • Wini L will get information on a seminar with Norman Kennedy.
  • Blog/website–Wordpress is the web provider, our site is Email Wini will check to see if there is a redirect from our web page. Motion to accept Helene J/Jean C.
  • Babeth R reported on the Sheep to Shawl team for Harrisburg. Team will incorporate the 100 anniversary of the Farm Show. Outfits are coming together, and a shearer has been engaged.


  • Mary M a long time member has passed away, condolences were sent, family requested Wini to help dispose of her “stash”. Contact Wini for more into.
  • Basket from Soergels was on hand as a fund raiser for the DLM, tickets were sold 4 for $1.
  • Pizza to be ordered for December Christmas Party. Don’t forget to bring your “trash” for the Trash to Treasure sale.

Meeting adjourned Jerry L/Linda G

Respectfully submitted

Ruth S


October 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 10:15 by President Susan L, 23 members present. September minutes were approved, Linda G/Jean C. TREASURERS REPORT: Approved by Jerry L/Linda G. LIBRARY REPORT: Wild Fibers. Need volunteers to store back issues of magazines, library is stuffed.


  • Flax scutching at DPL museum for November meeting. Covered dish.
  • Blogging Report–Wix is a site builder that is free. Easy to use. Web site as it is now is due for renewal on Jan. 1. All interested in setting up a blog or web site meet after meeting to decide what and how this is done. Also, suggested that there is an instructional meeting on how to use.
  • Helene J looked into having Blazing Shuttles for a seminar next year. Fee is $450 per day. Weaving is $150, dyeing $100 per class. Where and when to be decided.
  • Helene has a list of ideas for programs for next year.
  • Zelienople Oct. 17/18, Time 9 to 7. If interested bring wheel and have some fun. Contact Dawson and Marsha.
  • Linda G contact person for Spin in at church in Worthington, covered dish.
  • Donna McG retiring from MAFA and needs someone to store Handwoven magazines. Leigh K has offered to take over.
  • Ann M and possible Carol McF will do MAFA
  • Pennsylvania State Farm show Sheep to Shawl team is ready to go, but needs a shearer
  • Meeting adjourned Jerry L/Jean C

Respectfully submitted

Ruth S


August 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order by president Susan L at 10:10 at Butler Memorial Park. Twenty members present. July minutes were approved. TREASURY: Motion to accept L/Ann M. No Library report.


  • D.P.L. demo shawl is being raffled—tickets selling well.
  • Demo for the Butler Fair had issues getting equipment in and parking.
  • Jerry and Jean demoed at Fort Armstrong
  • Wheels for the 4 harness loom to be ordered and the old wheels will be auctioned, see Karen P if interested.
  • Butler Farm Show fleece to shawl participants are Angela F, Linda G, Karen P, Carol B,Ruth S


Nominating committee for Vice President is Ann M and Karen B. Motion by Marilyn M/ Linda G


  • Linda O–Dish Cloths and crochet crosses
  • Jean C–Merino/silk crochet shawl, Linen weaving, Alpaca shawlette, Wool/silk/alpaca woven shawl, 2 linen crochet scarves
  • Karen P–Shetland wool for spinning
  • Susan L–Shawl, scarf on painted warp
  • Carol G–Felt soap, drop spindle yarn, dyed yarn from last meeting


Sept. 2–Helene Jacobs will demonstrate how to make shawl pins from wire. If you have roundnosed or needle-nosed pliers, bring them in. This will be a hands-on program.


Please send information for newsletter to Sandy S


  • President – Susan L
  • Vice President – Ann M
  • Secretary – Ruth S
  • Treasurer – Karen P


July 2015 Minutes

July meeting was called to order by president Susan L at 10:20 with 17 members present. Minutes were approved–motion by Wini L, second by Ann M. TREASURERS REPORT: motion to accept Wini L, second by Marsha D. LIBRARY REPORT: Wild Fibers


  • Membership in Handweavers Guild of America motion by Marilyn M, second Linda G
  • Jean C husband passed away, memorial to be made to the Chevoit Sheep Society $50. Motion by Linda G, second Jean C
  • Contact Susan L for the Sheep to Shawl demo at Butler Fair on Thursday. Project day for July will be at Fair on Wednesday.
  • DPL museum Sheep to Shawl demo July 12 at 1PM . Need someone to spin for childrens corner. Contact Karen P
  • Motion for another set of wheels for 4Harness loom. Motion by Ruth S, second Linda G
  • Oct 3 is the DPL fall festival —encouraged to come—demo or sell 10 -3. Costumes required.
  • Mention was made that the sheep to shawl teams take variety of tools for fleece preparation, also suggested to try varity of weaving patterns, and have practice sessions using raw fleece. Contact Susan L for date and times. Costumes need up dated and better coordinated.
  • August meeting at Bill and Linda J’s HAS BEEN CANCELLED.
  • Covered dish at Memorial Park

Motion to adjourn. Linda G and Karen B


  • Karen P—overshot sample and skein of Gottland/silk
  • Ruthann F —mini weaving and 2 black and white weavings
  • JoAnn C — Needle felted witch

Respectfully submitted

Ruth Schnell



April 2015 Minutes

Request for Demonstrators in the Weavers Cabin in Harmony. They are planning a mini Fiber Festival in Harmony in conjunction with the Herb and Garden Festival Sat June 13 10am-4pm. We will be looking for demonstrators again if you can spread the word. Contact Lisel M if you would like to help. It is always a pleasant time!

  • May 6- Name Drafting with Ruth S
  • June 3 – Color and Spinning with Carol McF


Please send information for newsletter to Sandy S


  • President – Susan L
  • Vice President – Ann M
  • Secretary – Ruth S
  • Treasurer – Karen P